Current Status of the Watershed

Ozarks Water watch is excited to bring you our 11th annual Status of the Watershed Report designed to answer the question, “How is the water?” Monitoring our Ozarks waters is a critical component in protecting our Ozarks economic prosperity and quality of life. Our watershed’s natural resources, especially our beautiful rivers, lakes and streams, are the engine that drives our vibrant economy and brings us the visitors who enjoy our region’s natural assets.

Data collected to summarize the water quality in the Upper White River Basin published in the Status of the Watershed 2019 report, was collected soley by volunteers! Ozarks Water Watch coordinates three volunteer monitoring programs, and their efforts are vital to the availability of this report year after year.  The map below represents a summary of data collected from 2012-2018. Using this data, Ozarks Water Watch was able to provide a water quality grade for each site that compares 2018 water testing results to those of the previous six years.  This provides insight into progress or decline in general water quality over time. To see the scores of individual lake and stream sites, click here to open a full screen view of the status map in a new tab.

2019 Status Map Legend